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An Internet connection with a minimum stable unlimited 2 Mbps download speed and a maximum latency of 65 msec is required.

A simple and cheap way to watch live TV and
listen to hundreds of radio channels anywhere in the world via your TV set-top box!

Plug the IPTV set-top box into your router and
your television and you will have live uninterrupted
access to a selection of TV & Radio channels of your choice.

You do not need a PC, you do not need a VPN
and you do not need an IP shield, you just need
an ADSL or Satellite Broadband connection with a minimum stable download speed of 2 Mbps and a TV, that's it!

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El Molino Systems S.L. | europe-satellite.com

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El Molino Systems S.L. | Europe-satellite.com

In recent years, satellite communication technology has been used increasingly as a way to connect to the Internet. This can be very useful for users who are located in very remote areas, and cannot access a landline broadband or a wireless connection.

El Molino Systems S.L. | europe-satellite.com has been successfully providing  and installing VSAT KA, KU and C band satellite systems for Broadband Internet  access since 2000 to home users, enterprises, military and offshore industry.

Our wide experience in the satellite market means we are able to undertake projects regardless of the size and location with the utmost confidence, resulting in the best solution for every customer.

Installs in Africa, Middle East and Europe; this includes war zones, remote jungle locations, private homes and idyllic holiday resorts.

Our references

We let our photos do the talking (we don’t give client details), all work undertaken for clients is private and you can expect the same privacy should you choose to become a client.

Beside Avanti Hylas we sell and install Worldwide iDirect, Hughes and Tooway VSAT systems. For more info contact us via email.


Orders for hardware and subscriptions via our webshop.

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Specialists in Satellite Communications.
Avanti Hylas.
SES Astra.
Fixed and Mobile VSAT systems.

Broadband Internet via Satellite, UK and Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France (south) Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania.

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